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While we are busy connecting you to your potential and new customers we are also busy keeping your systems running smoothly and seamlessly because we know that your time and information is priceless. We offer IT services for many platforms to help you stay connected in house. We will be happy to build an IT plan for your business.

General Services

Any IT service that you may need for your business we provide.  The first type would be General services or Helpdesk Services.  This includes,

  • Computer, Accessory and Connection Maintenance
  • Computer Maintenance entails, windows restore, backup of data, virus and spyware removal and protection on site or remotely.  In short, everything that needs servicing on a pc, laptop or iOS device.  ConnectMe can be your in house IT support.
  • Accessories like printers and scanners are covered under general service as well. We are always happy to come out and fix a printer or set up a scanner.
  • Our Helpdesk services are in place so if you or your business has a question or needs troubleshooting you can feel free to call us so we can walk you through the issue or solve it remotely.

Network Setup, Maintenance and Monitoring

Networks both small and large need to be monitored at all times.  Apart from the rest of your system the network end points are were malicious attempts are made to disrupt your business.  We offer 24/7 monitoring of networks with reporting to keep your network up, ready and secure at all times.

  • Our software monitors your network at all times
  • We deal with any alerts or suspicious activity and report everything back to your business.
  • ConnectMe installs networks and for smaller businesses we install network attached storage devices which give you access to your work files from your phone or any other device while away from the office.
  • It is of the utmost importance that we keep your network up and clean at all times.

Our Plans Fit Your Needs

We are happy to customize all of our services including IT services to best help your growing business.

  • Our goal is to help you grow your business
  • We allow you to do that without being sidetracked setting up a new computer or removing a virus from another.
  • We would love to help your business grow so let us deal with all the IT hassle.

Our IT Service packages allow you to focus on your business while we get you connected internally and keep your network and business data secure. Lets get your business up and running seamlessly and securely.

Contact us today about our IT Services.

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