Cybersecurity in Technology

Cybersecurity in technology

The internet is a powerful tool for any small or medium sized business.  It provides an efficient method to connect to the market.  It is important however that all employees are well versed in cybersecurity.  The internet is accessed constantly by all businesses at all hours so there has to be remote security as well.  The best cybersecurity setup is a mix of awareness and monitoring.  Following these common procedures will help strengthen and maintain your information and your customers’ information.


  • Advise and train employees in securely recording customer information

  • Make clear policies about password and login information

  • Require employees to change passwords every 3 months. 

  • Implement two-factor authentication

Computer and Devices

  • Always update device drivers and have the latest software, browsers and operating systems

  • Keep computers desktops clean, set a daily antivirus scan and make sure antivirus definitions are up to date

  • Firewalls are a set of programs that work together to prevent people from accessing your data so always have one installed and active

  • Make sure firewall ports are set correctly to allow your business to maintain quick access to internet and wifi while preventing others from accessing your network

  • Backup important digital data at regular intervals.  For most businesses, the best time to set backups is during off hours.

  • Have a backup of your on site as well as offsite or in the cloud

  • Make sure your network is hidden, encrypted and secure.  Password protect the router.

  • Check with your vendors to see if they offer multi-factor authentication for your account

Mobile Plan

  • Mobile devices present a challenge to manage.  It is important to set up a policy to return lost or stolen equipment

  • Make it a policy for employees to install security applications, password protect and encrypt data on devices

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