5 Things Every Email Newsletter Needs

5 Things Every Email Newsletter Needs

You should always put thought into anything you do, track the outcome and then try to make it better. To make something big and great, you have to start with the little things. Using just 5 small techniques can really help you create one great big email newsletter.

In 2019 email marketing is one of the best ways to communicate with your current and past customers. It also can help grow your customer base and find new loyal supporters. When sending out emails to your customers it’s important you have these 5 things.

Use These 5 Simple Things

1. Company Logo

The first thing the person should see when opening your email, is your logo. Signs and symbols rule the world, it’s important they see your logo, identify it and connect with it. Make the logo as big as you can without distorting it and center it on the page. Your logo is esentially your companies flag and you need to show it off.

2. Contact Information/Hours

Whether you are a pizza place, or a dentist you always need to have your contact information available. Just like the logo, your contact information and hours should be one of the first things in your email. Everything is important, from your store/office location to your phone number to your hours of operation. Also, by having your contact information in your newsletter it gives customers a chance to act on your email.

3. Graphics 

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words and it is, especially in your email newsletter. Every email should have at least 2 to 3 graphics or images. Some of them can be advertisements for your services, or just regular stock photos for the office. It depends on the company, but either way having a picture or some graphics is a must. If you don’t have a graphic designer try a template based site such as www.pizap.com.

4. Style

Put some style into your email blast instead of just sending some text. Use different text styles, sizes and colors. Add a funny photo that’s relevant to your brand or a regular stock photo. It’s important to have style because it shows people what your company is about. When you go to a business meeting you have to dress nice and have style right? Dress up your emails.

5. Various Links 

The Internet gives any business tons of platforms and tools to promote their company. Make sure you are letting your customers know about your presence on these platforms. You have a website (I hope),  and you should be on some form of social media. To help promote your different tools like your website or Facebook, you need to tell your customers these things exist.

After reading this article you should be a wizard at sending email newsletters! Add these new techniques and make sure you track the progress. By just doing these 5 simple things, your email newsletter will shine like a diamond. Now get out there and send those emails!

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